Our founder, Becca

Pop up Percussion was started in 2016 by Becca Cahill.  Becca’s passion is to work with early years children, their families and carers to deliver high quality, creative and inclusive learning sessions with a focus on live music.  Becca has a degree in Music from The University of Liverpool, a Post Graduate Certificate in Music and Early Years Education and 6 years experience leading music classes for young children.  She is constantly looking for ways to evolve and improve her practice, attending courses on new methodologies and incorporating this in to teaching.

The methods we follow

We recognise there are so many different theories and methods when it comes to teaching children music - we like to use many approaches, focussing on Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff. Movement and imagination feature frequently in our sessions and we love to watch and learn from our children as they take the lead, taking us to their worlds.  We tend to avoid backing tracks as the children love to hear and play our collection of both classical and popular instruments.

The benefits we see

From a very young age children have an incredible and intrinsic interest in music.  Music becomes a means of fun communication, a language they feel confident in. We nurture this love for music and use it as a tool to support them as they develop and learn in the world around them.  Fine motor and social skills, listening, memory and concentration are all areas we see benefitting every day.


If you’d like any further information on Pop uP Percussion please don’t hesitate to get in touch.