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Around the World

Our workshops run for around 10 weeks, depending on the term, and each term we have a different interactive theme. We'll go ‘Around the World’ where we discover unfamiliar sounds and instruments, travel to Africa and chant in foreign tongues whilst banging our drums.  Closer to home, ‘Musical Fairy Tales and Story Time’ reminds us of the traditional songs we know and love, we'll sing with the three little piggies and stomp with Nelly the Elephant. Please see our past and current themes below:

Creepy Crawlies and Garden Birds

Food Glorious Food

We tend to avoid backing tracks as the children love to hear and play both our classical and popular instruments. It’s a truly wonderful thing to see them hear a clarinet for the first time. We play and suggest songs and music that will help engage, lift and soothe to regulate your child’s mood - we have a song for every part of the day from brushing teeth to falling over!

Our sessions last for 40 minutes, with 30 minutes of interactive teaching and 10 minutes ‘free play’ and chat. Advance booking is necessary with each class @ £7 / earlybird @ £6.

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