Our lessons

The Ukulele is the perfect first instrument! We teach it because it’s a great introduction to music theory and because children can play from lesson 1 giving them an immediate sense of achievement and confidence. These early skills are also easily transferable should they choose to pick up another instrument later.  As well as playing fun songs we all know and love, we make up songs, play games and use movement to teach Ukulele in a seriously fun way!

Need to know

Classes are 45 minutes long with a maximum of 6 pupils, ensuring that every child receives individual attention. It’s amazing how quickly they learn, by the end of our summer camp and term time workshops they are able to read basic music tabs and sing and play to their favourite songs.   


Each session is £9 hosted at our different venues around Manchester.  Rates become less if sessions are taken to the family home but at least 5 children will need to attend. Each child will need to bring their own Ukulele, the  Mahalo 2500 is a great starter Ukulele and can be purchased from Amazon at around £20.

Please see below and click here to sign up for our ukulele summer camp